Patients reviews

Dr Labvah is very compassionate and caring and patient

Verna A.
Kimberley is always professional and caring! I am very happy with her and her help!

Sean T.
Sabrina is always very kind, considerate, and empathetic whenever we have an appointment. Her suggestions and care have led me to having a huge withdrawal of depression symptoms for the first time since 2016. I can't recommend her enough.

David C.

Rick A.
Phenomenal doctor for me

Aidan V.
Kim G. is great! So friendly and understanding.

Logan H.
So glad I finally found a dr that listens to me and cares about what I’m going through! Highly recommend

Shelby F.
Dr Labvah is so kind and caring. She always comes through with the right words to make me feel better. Dr Labvah has helped me realize that I am enough, and that with my Higher Power, I am strong enough to beat my disease into lifelong remission. Thank you so much Dr Labvah!

Randal F.
Dr. Labvah was extremely knowledgeable and sweet. She listened to all of my concerns attentively. I’m very happy that I found her.

Marcela A.
Dr. Sabrina Labvah is great! I always look forward to my appointments with her.

Jessica W.
Dr. Labvha is kind and also fun to meet with. I look forward to my appointment.

Natalie W.
, Dr. Labvah listens to my concerns as a parent and listens to my daughters issues she is having. She addresses them accordingly. We are very happy with her and the practice as a whole.

Elizabeth Y.
Love her

Tabitha H.
Dr Sabrina saved me ❤️

Catherine H.
Jolyn always provides excellent service. Makes the patient comfortable, cares for the patient and gives timely advice.

Indira P.
She has really changed my life. She listens and is so caring and patient. She is willing to work with me in events I am going through in life and undestands.

Delma G.
Dean is great!

Jordan L.
Dean is very accommodating and explains things in a very understandable way. Thanks!

Darren D.
Great experience with Prime Psychiatry. I enjoy my appointments with Kim; she is diligent and professional in asking questions that help with my treatment.

Elywin D.
Ms. Allen always takes the time to listen and allow us time to ask questions.

Jocelyn W.
I enjoy working with Dean very much. He is understanding and knowledgeable, and truly empathetic to my needs. I highly recommend him.

William H.
Great experience! Dr is very open and listens well. I feel very heard and understood.

Ashley F.
Kimberly is amazing. She provides great perspective to all problems. She has helped me so much and quite literally has played a huge role in saving my life. She is just great

Christopher T.
Wonderful doctor! Kim is kind, caring and really listens to her patients.

Madison A.
Kimberly relates very well to me. She has helped me tremendously these past months and I can feel my improvement.

Patricia L.
Dr Cochran understands my concerns and helps with finding the right medication for my symptoms.

John H.
Always a pleasure, understanding and finds the best solution

Julie E.
Jolyn is by far the best health care professional who has ever treated me. She's attentive, caring, and always goes above and beyond.

Dana D.
Dr. Labvah is so caring and really listens to my concerns.

Allison R.
She is the BEST. She listens and is so great at asking all the right questions to find the right medicines for my daughter. She is empathetic and kind and relatable. Cannot say enough nice things about her. Very professional as well.

Reese J.
Great at what he does! Always interested in how things are going with me and my family. Have been seeing him for over 2 years

Sara H.
Dr. Sabrina is the absolute best! She understands the WHOLE of me and looks out for my best interests: physical, medical and psychiatry-related. I’m blessed by her warm and calm spirit and her genuine goal of helping me to heal so that I can help others. She has encouraged me to #HealOutLoud so that I can continue my mental wealth journey. I look forward to seeing her smile on our telehealth appointments and look forward to speaking with her every single time. Great job, Dr. Air in having a gem like Dr. Sabrina on your team. I’m one of Prime Psychiatry’s biggest fans and supporters. Thank you for keeping me focused on my own healing first! SJ

Sherrell J.
Always experience great service and highly satisficed. Thank you Sabrina, you are a big part of my well being.

Terrence M.
Such a breathe of fresh air. Dr. Sabrina is very passionate about her role in your life and wants to ensure that you are the best version of yourself daily.

Karim J.
She takes the time to really listen to her patients.

Edith S.

Jesse Y.
Always been great.

Michael J.
Always appreciative of the friendly, caring and informative conversations I have with Dean.

David W.
Thank you

Laurie G.
Dr. Labvah is very caring, she really listens to your needs and makes her sessions comfortable.

Jason W.
Dr Gardner is wonderful, caring and makes you feel comfortable talking to her.

Patrick G.
Dean is always patient and kind. He validates and provides supportive reflection in a gentle manner. I always look forward to our visits - he has been a life saver.

Robyn F.
Dr. Labvah is amazing! She truly helped me through a super difficult time in my health journey, and I am so forever grateful for her. Dr. Labvah worked with me to find the perfect balance that gave me back my life. Highly recommend her.

Mary Elisabeth D.
Kimberley Gardner is always attentive to what I need. She listens and asks questions to make sure we are on the same page. I always feel validated when I am done speaking with her. She is always on time to our meetings. I have been seeing her for two years.

Jessica G.

Bryce J.
Understanding and patient

Emily W.
Dr. Sabrina is great! I've been seeing her for almost a year now and I always look forward to my appointments. She takes the time to listen to your needs and then explains everything. I never feel rushed with her and would recommend her to anyone.

Jessica W.
The best !!

Jerome M.
She was great and made me feel like she could help me get everything under control.

Erin M.
Ms. Allen has help me understand my medication I am taking. she is very pumctual and happy to see me. She also explain my eating habits and she shows concern about me entirely. I enjoy to speaking with here she down to earth and explain the meds i am taketing. he sometimes. She is the best. THANK YOU for selection.

Michelle M.
She was great, worked with me throughout the process and had great recommendations

Jacob B.
Always a great experience. She is very easy and comfortable to talk to and takes time to consider my situation and best options. Thorough and efficient with time, always sharing helpful information and I never feel rushed. She's optimistic and hopeful.

Halley S.
Very compassionate and kind.

Verna A.
She took the time to listen to all of my issue and provided the best plan for me to feel better.

Delma G.
Dr. Labvah is an amazing Doctor. She’s knowledgeable, compassionate and responsive.

Gafar S.
Fantastic care.

Nicholas M.
Dean is a fantastic physician. I am so grateful to have someone in my corner with true "bedside manner." His wealth of experience informs his practice, and I am always confident in the decisions we make together for my treatment.

Mary C.
My daughter has only had one appointment so far with Kimberly Gardner but we loved her so far. It was a good decision to put my daughter in her hands. Very informative, Friendly, and attentive to my daughter's needs. She also spoke to us at a level my daughter could understand without making her feel lesser than. I really appreciate her!

Brianna Y.
Always happy to meet with Kim and discuss my well being.

Andra S.
Nice kind and caring doctor

Nadia Z.
I was so enthusiastic about my new doctor. Sabrina is warm, engaging and listened carefully. Since Dr.Air is now doing other work. I hope to keep her permanently!

Donna R.
Great experience with helping patient get better.

Elywin D.
I love my therapist she is committed to my overall emotional well being

Sarah L.
I’m not a fan of the Zoom doctor visits. I would rather do face to face doctor visits.

James M.
Very nice and professional

Clayson B.
Dr. Labvah is extremely kind and thorough. She offers great feedback and is quick to respond to any questions I have. I am extremely grateful to have her as a physician!

David B.
Dr Labvah is awesome! She has been such a great help to me in addressing the anxiety which I have been battling with for many years. Finally, I am experiencing breakthroughs and couldn’t be happier. Thank you Sabrina!

Kyle B.
Good communication, very helpful

Colby J.
Dr. Labvah is absolutely amazing. I’ve had several psychiatrists throughout my life that left me feeling discouraged and doubtful about the possibility of ever returning back to a functioning day to day life. When I decided to try one last time to seek help, it only took one appointment with her to get me back on track.

Samantha V.
Dr. Gardner is very knowledgeable in her position

Ahsik P.
Jolyn is a great listener and always answers all of our questions. So glad we found her.

Jocelyn W.
Dr Labvah has become a trusted part of my healthcare team. During a time when I was in great need she has patiently worked with me and has guided me to a place of excellent progress. I appreciate her conservative approach and systematic method with my psychiatric needs. Partnering with Dr Labvah has had a significant positive impact on my daily life.

Jessica M.
Ms.Allen, helped me understand what my issues were and came up with a plan for managing them

Jordan J.
I can just tell starting therapy with her is going to be life changing in the best way.

Markeshia J.
Kim Gardner is wonderful. She is very nice, compassionate, and listens to everything I have to say. She works with me to get the right combination of medications to best treat me. If something is not working or I’ve got side effects, she looks for other options. She’s quick to answer any questions via email. I highly recommend Kim and Prime Psychiatry.

Roberta R.
Sabrina is always very attentive and compassionate.

Hannah L.
Always great

Logan B.
Kim is absolutely amazing, I recommend her to everyone I know. She’s kind, genuine, and has the best tips, tricks, & techniques to help you navigate life. She legitimately cares about your wellbeing and is more than willing to work with your schedule. 10/10 Id be lost without her! 💙

Ashley H.
Kimberley is a phenomenal provider. She is knowledgeable, supportive, listens and addresses your concerns, makes herself available as needed, and is always quick to respond to emails. I have had a number of providers in the past and with Kimberley's support and guidance, the results have far exceeded those from previous providers.

Peggy R.
very good

Abigail G.
I'm loving the way Kimberly leads me through the EMDR process. It's been very helpful. She is also very personable and easy to talk to!

Wendy C.
I find Ms. Sexton’s counseling advice and laid back approach very comforting and reassuring. She challenges me to think outside the box and consider other angles, while being gentle. I am happy to be under her guidance.

Lorie L.
First time I think a provider has listened to me and actually heard what I was saying instead of just telling me what was wrong with me. Dr Labvah seemed genuinely interested in my treatment plan. Such a different experience to actually be heard and have a say. Thank you. :)

Meagan W.
Great experience!

Tara R.
Great experience as usual.

Curtis W.

Rick A.
Great visit with the doctor.

William B.
Kim Gardner is the best! She has done more in the past 12 months for my mental health than anyone in the last 20 years. She listens and works with you to find the right combination to help you achieve optimum mental health. She is always available and is very compassionate. I would recommend her and Prime Psychology to anyone battling with psychological issues (and have many times).

Harley M.
Dr. Labvah is a very caring and extremely able doctor. I feel comfortable talking with her. She listens closely to what you say about medication management, and now my medication is on point. I've never felt better.

Kim L.
He's always there listening to what I have to say instead of just rushing thru the session, this is why I continue to see him.

Andre H.
I Love Sabrina. She is a pleasure to work with. She's calm and comforting and really cares about my opinion. On top of guiding me with her professional knowledge to give me the best care possible. I would recommend her in a heartbeat

Virginia G.
I was told that Dr. Labvah would be an amazing person when I booked my initial appointment, but that turned out to be an understatement. She is patient, caring and was very in-depth in answering my questions. I truly feel like there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and I cannot recommend Sabrina and Prime Psychiatry enough!

Nicolette H.
Always a wonderful experience! Highly recommend Prime Physcology to friends and family!

Britney C.
I have had the 'pleasure' of professional counseling for my anxiety / depression for over 30 years. Dr Sabrina ranks very high on the list of counselors seen. She listens and provides tailored suggestions / solutions to my concerns / issues. She confirms with me her suggestions and verifies my comfort level, which in the end ultimately determines if I am going to implement her advice. IOW she is thorough. From a mechanical POV, she is on time for her appointments! She is positive and upbeat without being too happy and 'giddy.' I would feel comfortable recommending Dr Sabrina to someone in need.

Aaron Z.
Dr Sabrina Labvah is wonderful, caring , and very knowledgeable. I have been seeing her for about 2 years now and would not choose another doctor if I had too. Thank you for everything you have done Dr. Labvah.

Julian Q.
Kim is amazing, great experience with her the past year! Front office staff is outstanding and always so friendly and helpful! Highly recommend!

Melody K.
Dean is kind, empathic, and professional. He goes above and beyond to support my mental health needs.

Robyn F.
Kimberly listens so well and is quick to find solutions! So easy to communicate with during and in between appointments! Love her!

Amy M.
Dean definitely listens to his patients and gives feedback and makes adjustments to any medication. He's not quick to throw medication or drastic changes in medication which allows you to become acclimated to scrip and recognize if it is a benefit.

Stephanie H.
Kim is excellent. She listens and provides great feedback. She's a warm and caring person!

Martin L.
Dr. Labvah is the only doctor that has explained my issues and how medication works. She’s compassionate and very personable.

Philip V.
Jolyn Allen has worked with me for a long time. She found the right medication and dose for me. she is detail oriented and caring.

Claudy P.
Great visit.

Tyler B.
Jolyn is incredible! Very attentive and professional, yet caring and understanding. She knows her stuff! I would recommend her to anyone! Love this practice!

Kaomi S.
Dean is amazing as always. He will get you the mental help you need whenever you need it.

Christopher W.
Great practice with physicians who truly care and listen. Highly recommend

Amanda S.
Dean is great!

Melissa W.
Very pleasant

Calvin F.
Dr. Sabrina accurately diagnosed my disorder. I greatly appreciate her and her beautiful attitude and positive outlook.

Patrick H.
Excellent experience. Dr Labvah was (as always) warm and personable as well as calming and very informative. I am very pleased with her as a physician and would recommend her to anyone.

Lorie L.
Kim has been wonderful and I would recommend her to everyone. She is thoughtful, listens, and approaches everything with minimal medication and steps and checks in constantly. I really appreciate all her guidance.

Corinne M.
Dr. Sabrina is outstanding! She’s someone who truly cares and will never give up; she listens and takes pride in working through possible solutions with you! All around, Prime has been a great place to meet your needs, as they have for mind!

Glen S.
"I have been with Prime Psychiatry since late April and I will not shy to say that Prime Psychiatry has been so instrumental and valuable in my road to recovery”
Burhanuddin L.
"IMMEDIATE response to first inquiry and TIMELY scheduling of first appointment! The administrative staff is on top of their game!"

Amy M.

"Agreed best place to go in the DFW area. I've experienced nothing but positivity and support from Prime Psychiatry. "

Logan G.

"With these new times of Covid. The visit was virtual and it was very well done. I had an evaluation with this office."
Cat M.
"I feel so comfortable with this group & have been getting great ideas & helpful tools to get me through some tough patches."
Karri A.
"Highly recommended as very helpful and considerate team of professionals with caring, friendly staff"

Adam S.

"Prime has really helped my daughter. Even when I asked for a second opinion they did not hesitate to accommodate with another Psychiatrist on staff."

Tiffanie M.

"Absolutely wonderful facility, everyone is so friendly and helpful and you can tell they actually care about the patients"

Jared B.

"Best mental health care I have ever received, hands down. Would recommend to family and friends."
Rebecca B.
"Everyone at this Facility has treated me with the upmost respect, and everyone is very nice, even the environment is pleasant."

Veda S.

"Dr.’s and staff are caring and understanding. They do everything to help us with our needs."

Sandi H.

"I love these people and I'm starting to notice a difference in myself already. Thank you so so very much! 30 more appointments to go!"

Kita W.

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, TMS Therapy, uses short pulses of magnetic fields to stimulate nerve cells in one of the areas of the brain thought to control mood. TMS Therapy is performed in a psychiatrist’s office under his or her supervision while you remain awake and alert.
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