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Kimberly Williams M.S., LPC



I am Kimberly Williams, MS, LPC, a licensed professional counselor offering services at Prime Psychiatry in Frisco, Texas. My primary mission is to work with individuals and families as they navigate life’s challenges. My specialties include anxiety, depression, addiction, and relationship issues. 

I have over a decade of experience in the field and work with diverse patient populations in my current position. I earned my master’s degree from Tennessee State University in Nashville, Tennessee, before starting my career as a family counselor, family educator therapist, and case manager. 

At Prime Psychiatry, I coordinate patient care plans and strive to help them excel in their personal lives. I provide counseling services for alcohol use, depression, bipolar disorders, anxiety, and panic disorders, often using effective approaches in care such as cognitive behavioral therapy and exposure therapy. For patient convenience, I offer sessions in person and remotely with telepsychiatry. 

I am currently accepting new and returning patients. To schedule a psychiatric evaluation or counseling session, call the Prime Psychiatry office or book one online today. 

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, TMS Therapy, uses short pulses of magnetic fields to stimulate nerve cells in one of the areas of the brain thought to control mood. TMS Therapy is performed in a psychiatrist’s office under his or her supervision while you remain awake and alert.
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